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hi again and bye

Hi my dear followers! Do you remember me? I haven’t been here for a so long time and i just wanted to give you guys a sign that i’m still alive.

So hi and how r u all the people? Maybe something has changed or maybe you have changed? Please tell me here

And i want to tell ya guys that i won’t often here, really i think that i won’t here at all. That’s completed section and i want to try something else, something another you know. I changed, my interesting too. It’s really natural but i still love you guys and i remember about you. A L W A Y S

So if you guys want to see me and maybe talk with me sometimes you can find me here: severalpiecesoflife

That’s my new(…) blog about really everything about me.

That’s all. Come by for me sometimes.

I love you guys and pretty thank you for all!


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Making of Iridescent Music Video

25 Days: Linkin Park Challenge ➽ Day 2: Your Favorite Member » Bradford Phillip Delson aka. Big Bad Brad

You know, I love them all and I could also choose Mike, Chaz, Joe, Rob or Phoenix but Brad is the lp member of my heart. I don’t know why but I can relate to him the most and he’s so adorable and nice.

Rocking LP: Something I feel needs to be said....




I could never put into words why “I miss the old Linkin Park!” or “Linkin Park’s new shit sucks!” bothered me so much. But now I have.

Let me just start out by saying that Hybrid Theory was released in late 2000. When the band was in their early twenties!!!

They were in their mid- thirties when Living Things was released.

What they wanted to hear from themseleves when they were twenty years old and when they wanted to hear in their thirties is way different. They’ve gone through changes in themselves as they matured and you could only hope that that would reflect in their music. I wouldn’t trust an artist that music has been the same that long.

Yes the music from Hybrid Theory and Meteora was fucking life changing (Numb still never falls to be the most amazing fucking song ever!!) but Minutes To Midnight, A Thousand Suns and LIVING THINGS are amazing records too!!! I mean songs like Shadow Of The Day, Leave Out All The Rest, In Between, Iridescent, The Messenger, CASTLE OF GLASS, ROADS UNTRAVELED, POWERLESS are all songs that make me cry and speak to me beyond words, To have someone shit on them and the records they are on or to say they “suck” because they aren’t the “old” Linkin Park really pisses me off.

So in turn, just because they’re music is constantly evolving instead of sounding like the same songs over and over and over and over again (katy perry) doesn’t mean the music is shit. It means you probably haven’t grown since Hybrid Theory thus making it less of a problem with the band and more of a “personal problem”.